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The GWI Centenary Logo Designed By GWI Logo Contest Winner Maria Ronna Luna Pastorizo-Sekiguchi,
Vice President Membership, Graduate Women (Fiji)

GWF Vice President Membership, Mrs. Maria Ronna Luna Pastorizo-Sekiguchi wins the logo contest for GWI’s Centenary Celebrations

Graduate Women International officially presented the winning logo of its Centenary Logo Contest, which was won and designed by Mrs. Maria Ronna Luna Pastorizo-Sekiguchi, Vice President Membership, Graduate Women (Fiji).

The logo will be used for the centenary celebration to be held in Geneva from 25 to 28 July 2019. The logo perfectly aligns with the GWI mission to promote and advocate for the right to quality and safe lifelong education for girls and women at all levels and for the advancement of the status of girls and women.

“The logo mark as shown here retains GWI’s iconic lamp that has been redrawn with silhouettes of women’s faces to signify the 100 years of women working together to empower women and girls through education”, explains Mrs. Pastorizo-Sekiguchi. “The fire that burns from the lamp represents the passion, life, energy and vitality of all the women standing by our cause from 1919 until now. Furthermore, this fire also denotes the potential and the inspiration that flares within women and girls when they are in the flow of discovery, exploration and learning”. As a perfect symbol of GWI century long contribution to peace building through education, this fire “looks like it is splitting in two”, notes Mrs. Pastorizo-Sekiguchi. “This is because it symbolizes book pages as well as bird wings to meaningfully capture the idea of the centenary theme “Peace through Education” in one fell swoop”.

GWI congratulates Mrs. Patorizo-Sekiguchi on her outstanding work and would like to warmly thank all the other contestants for their submissions honouring the 100-year GWI history of peacebuilding through education.

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