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Discounts to Members

We are very fortunate and grateful to the businesses and organisations below who have given discounts and privileges to our members as a form of support Graduate Women (Fiji)'s cause of empowering women and girls in Fiji through lifelong education.

10% off at Professionail Tappoocity

Since its establishment in 1992, ProfessioNAIL, which also operates under the trade name Nail Studio, has evolved into a globally-recognised brand that has approximately 600 nails salons in its portfolio, in shopping malls and lifestyle/power centers throughout America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Northern Europe, and Asia. ProfessioNAIL has revolutionized the way consumers experience full-service nail services around the world.

10% off at Victoria Wines

Victoria Wines imports and distributes fine wines from all over the world through to Fiji’s many island resorts and restaurants.

10% off at Mad Hatter Hut

“Its always tea time” at The Mad Hatter Hut! A space for and about the little treasures in our lives.

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