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GWF Quiznight Event Photo Final

GWF Annual Quiz Night for the Scholarship Fund

At GWF (formerly the Fiji Association of Women Graduates or FAWG), we endeavour to change the world by sending at least one girl to school yearly here in Fiji. This year we are supporting three young female scholars. Our Scholarship Fund pays for the tuition fees of these selected girls studying in non-traditional male-dominated fields.

Let us tell you more about our Scholarship Fund that supports young women studying in non-traditional fields. Our aim is to promote gender equality and leadership. In particular, we support girls who come from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds who are studying in non-traditional disciplines. GWF believes that if women are to be empowered and contribute effectively to leadership and decision-making in society, they need to be supported in education, particularly in areas where there is low female participation.

Since its inception in 2004, the Fund has successfully supported 8 young women who studied in the fields of Automotive and Electrical Engineering, Plumbing, Sheet Metal, Civil Engineering, and Tertiary teaching in Agricultural Science and Aircraft Engineering (Mechanical).

Please join us in our annual event this Thursday, 26 October, to raise money for our Scholarship Fund so we are able to pay for the tuition fees of our current three young female scholars.

Team of 6: Come as a Team or join a team on the night:
$25 per person or book a table for $150 ($25 x 6).

Book your place or team by e-mailing:
or call Charlotte 970 7004 or Ronna 7888400.

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